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Furniture Plan Project

You can submit to us a job proposal directly from our site.  On this page, you will be submitting a Furniture plan project. All accepted jobs are subject to our Furniture Plan Hourly Rate.

To submit a Furniture plan proposal please fill out the form below.  Please only provide the details for one job at a time.  For multiple jobs submit multiple forms.  Provide each job with a job name and/or P.O. Number. The job address is required as well as a brief description of the job.  If you have access to the furniture web pages please provide them in the spaces below.  We require a copy of the floor plan and a rough furniture sketch.  In order to proceed with submitting the form you are agreeing to our Hourly rate.  While no charges will be charged at this time you are agreeing to our hourly charge, which can be found here for Furniture Plans. A final invoice will be issued once the work is done.

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