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Boss Life Design Group is a Full-Service CAD Design Service from Start to Finish. BLDG will first provide a clean-dimension plan with room labels, wall measurements, and ceiling heights (where applicable) to begin your space planning. Once pieces are chosen, we will provide detailed Furniture Plans with walkway distances and any other measurements pertinent to the design. All details are included in our floor plans.  We will then use the specifically chosen pieces to create a real-life, 3D render to visualize what the new pieces will look like in your home.


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Locating Floor Plans

Boss Life Design Group can almost always get a copy of your floor plan one way or another. We will work with you, your association, your builder, or even the county to get a copy of the necessary documents to trace the most accurate floor plan for space planning.

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Tracing Floor Plans

Once BLDG has a copy of your floor plan, we will scale it to the correct size and trace it in the walls and kitchen but leave a blank slate to start the space planning journey to the home of your dreams.

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Dimension Plans

Boss Life Design is happy to provide any dimension plan you wish to see. Some clients like to see the dimensions of their overall room before they begin the furniture selection process so they know what size items to shop for, some clients want dimensions of all the walking spaces and the distance between pieces. Everything included in our Dimension Plans.

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Furniture Plans

We will provide you with a furniture plan layout with the pieces accurately sized and shaped to ensure they all fit in the room of your choice. We can provide these plans for any room and all rooms in any home.

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Rendered Images with Updated Selections

If you need a step more for visual representation, we are happy to provide rendered images. We will use photos of your interior along with links to your specific furniture pieces, drapery, wallpaper, and any other items pertinent to your design to give you a real-life look at what your finished space will look like.

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Rendered Video Walk-through

Our rendered videos will give you a true perspective of what your guests will see as they enter your space, in real-time. You will see how the room comes together as a whole and how it flows. Our videos are so life-like that you will forget your room is not yet complete!